Location and travel guide

(Updated 2 December 2018)

Höljäkkä is the southernmost village in the municipality of Nurmes situated on the eastern coast of Lake Pielinen about 20 km from the town centre.

Höljäkkä has approximately 130 permanent inhabitants but in the summertime the population is about doubled. The centre of the village is next to the Höljäkkä railway station. Close to the centre is Höljäkkä Youth Association House which hosts different community activities, open air swimming facilities, sports field, Höljäkkä Ltd./Iivari Mononen Ltd., and the cemetery.

The village is actually a twin village made of South Höljäkkä and North Höljäkkä. The latter is located north of main road 73. The village plan is typical of eastern Finland with the farms situated far apart except for the village centre where the houses lay more dense. Typical example are the houses built in the centre at the time when the railway line between Nurmes and Lieksa was established. The highest point in the area is Jurttivaara (130 m) from which you may enjoy the beautiful scenery over Lake Pielinen. Höljäkkä has a long coastline to Lake Pielinen.

By car you reach Höljäkkä by main road 73. There are two connecting roads to the village from road 73: if you travel from Nurmes you have to turn right about 15 km south of Nurmes and follow road 5261. If you travel from Lieksa you have to turn left about 35 km north of Lieksa.

In addition it is possible to travel to Höljäkkä by train, by bus and by air. The closest airport is located in Joensuu from which there is an airport service. The neighbouring village of Vieki has a small airfield for small aeroplanes.

View from Jurttivaara
Jurttivaara, spring scenery to Lake Pielinen